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I Love CRACK!!@^!&%!^&@%@$#^@$

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14th February 2005

5:39pm: valentines day sux!
Valentines day sux. its the most pointless holiday. it pisses me off too cause it reminds me that i need a fuckin girlfriend. shit im fuckin sooo bored. i hate school i wish that i didnt have to go any more and i can just drink and snowboard and go to shows which i havent done in a while.
Current Mood: lonely and bored

13th February 2005

9:58pm: update
i havent updated this in a long time. since the red sox won the world series (FUCK YEA!!!). so ill just go over enverything thats happend since then cause im really fuckin bored. so first ill talk about halloween. Halloween was alright, didnt consist of an alcohol at all. i just hung out with Colleen at my house. we were waiting for mike, sean, kat and probably someone else(but cant think of who it was) to pick us up. i yelled at kat over the phone it was pretty funny i called her a stupid ass-faced bitch or someshit like that. me and Colleen then desided to sit in my car and wait for them to call and tell us where they were. but we both fell asleep like we usually did when we were talking about nothing or not talking at all. so that halloween sucked. then sometime between halloween and thanksgiving we went to the musieum of natural history, that was pretty much a fuckin disaster. i think that is what put the icing on the cake for the end of our relationship. then i go snowboarding in canada during thanksgiving break. that was soo much fuckin fun. i did a frontside board on this flan rail and a tailslide on this box. i got shitfaced every night at this bar/club. i learned that molsen is the worst beer ever made. i also got hit on by this fuckin hot 21 year old. it sucked that i had a girlfriend at the time but i didnt really care at the time. when i get back Colleen tells me that "we need to talk" so in my head i was like "FUCK!!". so the next day i meet her at blue bay diner and she dumps me. that sucked but whatever. so then not much happend after that just a lot of drinking. oooooooo. shit i forgot about two things. before holloween me keith, sean, jimmy chune, and stru were drinking at the docks and we found a snapple truck filled with beer. so then we took a cab back to my house and got my car. and filled it up twice with 24 packs of bud, heinekin, corona, and coors light, and one keg of coors. Then the day before halloween we threw the sickest party of all time at the hangers in college point. soo many people showed up. at the begining of the party like 12 people flipped over a car that was at the hangers. then later on before we left we blew that mother fucker up. earlier that day i went to a surprise birthday party for one of Colleen's friend in long island. that was alright. the best part was that i was dressed in this medieval princess dress. but since i didnt have a wig and i had no hair i just said that i was shenade (or however you spell it) O'connar. that was alright but i didnt kno anyone there so i was kinda bored. so christmas break was pretty fun got fucked up alot. i tried to quit smoking but that didnt work out at all. i was going to quit before the break but then i thought, hey there are goin to be lots of parties and im goin to be craving cigarrets like crazy so ill quit for new years but then i desided fuck it i dont care anymore. but the day before christmas eve a good friend of mine that i knew since like 3rd grade died in a car accident. R.I.P. James McNamee 1987-2004. christmas eve and christmas day were alright drank as usual. new years was fuckin crazy. i went to a hotel party in little neck that colin threw and got really fucked up and smoked a little weed cause it was new years. jimmy and alanna were there and alanna was really fucked up cause she had sooo much fuckin vodka. then i just slept there and got no fuckin sleep cause i had to sleep on the disgusting floor which was covered in cigarette butts and beer. i dont really remember anything that important that happend in january just consisted of lots of drinking. well the high light i guess of january was the snow. the first day it snowed, which it didnt that much, me mike goat and alexandra went sleding at kissena golf course it was fuckin awesome. then i went with mike sara and irina back to kissena and this time it was fuckin insane. me mike and irina went through the bushes and flipped over going soo fast it was great. the last time we went down it was me mike and sara and we hit these two people that were sitting on the hill it was hilarious. the kid was going crazy he fuckin loved it but the girl was stumbling around cause she got hurt but me and mike were just laughing. we then went back to sara's house and watched saved. that movie made me lose my mind the ending was sooo fuckin crazy, and i was kinda drunk. we went sleding like 2 more times but those times werent as good as the first two. im now in mike and billy's new band called point the blame with mike flain playing drums. i have one song down pretty good but i keep forgeting the others. me mike tal her ex-boyfriend, sean, sara irina kirsten and some other people went to go see rocky Horror it was great i had to fake an orgasm and since everyone was making normal sex sounds i just made the craziest sound i could think of. then on friday me kat some other annoying girl went to roosevelt field to meet up with this girl Lynn. we then came back to queens and met up with amanita mike stru and ariana. then we dropped off that annoying girl and went to my house and i drank some whiskey and we then went out and mike drove my car around and he drove to the city and i was in the back making out with that girl lynn, i dont really kno whats goin to happen with that shes cool an every thing and she attractive, i guess i like her i dont kno, eh whatever. BUt the ride was madd funny cause it was 10 45 and arianna had to be home at 11 and she was so nerves i was laughing my ass off. we then go back to my house and play halo. then sean comes to my house at around 2 30 fuckin destroyed. we then started watching the exorcist and sean passed out and we put newspapers on him to make him look like a bum, cause he's "THE Bum". it was hard to sleep cause i was laying on the floor near seanand he was snoring and making wierd noises. everyone just slept over my house that night. sean mike and stru went home at around 7 30 and i dropped amanita and lynn at amanita's house at around 2 30.
thats basically been the jist of whats happend since my last update.
Current Mood: bored

27th October 2004

10:45pm: Babe who??
fuck the curse!!!!

21st October 2004

5:49pm: BEST FUCKIN SERIES EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yankees lose! Yankees lose! YANKEES LOSEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

19th October 2004

6:22pm: LETS GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LETS GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Current Mood: pumped up!!

1st October 2004

4:14pm: I want this car soo bad rather than my purple dodge minivan.........................................
A beutiful 1970 cheverolet chevelle

26th September 2004

9:33pm: This was a pretty good weekend but saturday was fuckin so fun. Friday i went to see taint and endwell in brooklyn and then went to cp and drank some beer. Yesterday was deff one of the best days ive had in Queens in a long time. I went to the driving range and hit some balls i didnt do very good because i havent golfed in a while. Then i picked tal up and she got chinese food or someshit. then we went to bay terrace and went to the arcade for about an hour maybe hour and a half not really sure exactly. then we saw the movie the forgotten. CRAZIEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im not goin to get into the movie really but you have to see it. Today i went to some skate thing at kcdc in brooklyn it was pretty good about the best thing that happened today was that i saw a nazi cowboy there with a skateboard it was nuts.

19th September 2004

10:31am: Yesterday i got my second tattoo. Igot the guinness harp with a shamrock in the middle. i didnt get the flags, i just got more detail in the harp. Its really fuckin awesome it cost me only $100 plus a $20 tip. Ill try and get a picture up if i figure out how to.

Edit: heres my tattoo.....
Current Mood: good

17th September 2004

5:07pm: Purple minivan
On wednesday i took my road test at 8:30am. I just passed i lost 30 points for bullshit reasons. I got my dads old car. A fuckin PURPLE MINIVAN!!!!!!!!! its fuckin pimp. i wanna get those fake plastic spinners for it then it will be fuck crazy. My birthday was saturday saep. 11. I got an 20gb ipod, a guinness bar mirrior, a metal guinness sign with a tucan that says "Lovely day for a Guinness" and a guinness golf shirt. Me, mike, sean, and Jimmy went to sister hop(bootleg IHOP) by jimmy's house. then we met up with heith and kathleen by white castle. Keith gave me the illest gift everrrrr. A black Guinness tin whistle. So then me mike sean and keith went to 29 park by seans house and drank some brews. Mike then gets a call from double dan's sister and we go to jimmy's house to chill with his maddddddd Cute (yea cute not "hot") sister and her friends at like 2. we watched family guy and aqua teen hunger force, the two funniest shows ever. we left his house at like 4 and we all just went home. Im prob goin to get a tattoo this weekend of a harp with a shamrock in the middle with two waving irish flags on the sides on my right shoulder.
Current Mood: bored

3rd September 2004

6:28pm: Im so fuckin bored this week has been kinda bad, i havent had any alcohol in about 6 days 23 hours and about 15 minutes. I havent been out later than 11:30 this whole week. it fuckin blows. basically all my friends are in college now and it sux. Mike, goat, sean, stru, and tim are the only ones ive been hanging out with lately. tim is leaving for college tomorro so i wont see him for a while, stru only comes out at like 8, mike, sean and goat live in college point and work during the day so i cant call them to hang out untill like 8 too.

on the good side im goin to splish splash tomorro, id rather go to six flags but since splish splash is only goin to be open for about a week so were goin to go there instead. i havent skated since i was in oregon. it really sux.
Current Mood: bored

10th August 2004

1:36pm: Im Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got back from oregon at about 1:00 last night. It was "Sunny and Sick", as the coaches said, everyday except one day it rained. It was so fuckin fun. I learned how to frontside-board on a rollercoaster box and a flat box i did a frontside to switch. i hit up a double kink box 50-50 and 50-50 to boardslide, and a 50-50 to boardslide on a kink rail. The camp i was at had a sick skatepark and they had rails all over the place around the camp. there was one flat rail about 15 feet through a bunch of trees that i boardslid. the food was pretty good and i bought to dvd's the grenade night of the living shred and Emerica's This is skateboarding.and i got a shit load of stickers. i had gotten about 3 nicknames while at camp. Bloody Phil cause the first day i was wearing a t-shirt and i fell on a down box and my arm was covered in blood, i fell on that arm ever day so i have a pretty nice scar. Frontside phil was my second name cause the fact that i kept trying frontsides. And my third nickname was tattoo cause i was the only 16 year old with a tattoo and the fact that no1 could read or understand it un less i said it about 20 times. I flew back with Tal and we had about $6 and change between us cause she lost her wallet and i spent almost all of my money of my money. so we bought a bag of bugles 2 bags of cheese doodles a pack of twislers and a big pack of gum and we brought a bottle of water all for $6. we felt like such poor bums, it was fuckin awesome (cause it was just so funny). the flight between vegas and New York was the best ever. we saw Shrek 2 and we watched a thunder storm from the plane it was so fuckin beautiful/sick.
Current Mood: accomplished

28th July 2004

9:22pm: Im goin away on saturday to snowboard in Oregon Which is fuckin AWESOME!!!!! . Ill be their with tal cause shes my only other friend who snowboards, shes in cali now, I think cali is fuckin gay and its too hot i hate the fuckin heat. the shamcocks are recording their demo on friday its gonna be kool that their actually gonna make a demo even though the bassist is goin to pennsylvania or some shit for college so hes not gonna be playing many shows. but they're doin a gang vocals for whatever it takes so thats kool.
Current Mood: bored

26th July 2004

12:04am: Yesterday and today i went to hellfest, two of the best shows i have ever been to in my entire life. Yesterday i saw no redeaming social value, agnostic front, stretch arm strong, world inferno friendship society, and i wanted to see blood for blood so bad that was the band that i basically went to see and they didnt fuckin show up those mother fuckers. o well i got their new cd and its mad fuckin good.

Today i saw sworn enemy, death threat, shai hulud, bleeding through, endwell, 25 ta life and The greatest fuckin band in the world who fuckin suck......bad luck 13 riot extravaganza. they suck but they are fucking insane. They were fuckin throwing shit and gave people bats and were breaking all the lights and threw fire extinguishers into the crowd and then the fans flipped over 2 of the bleachers, there was basically a riot. Kids were running and screaming and crying it was fuckin amazing i fuckin loved it. we were all smart enough to stay as far away as possible so we went onto the mini ramp and watched the whole thing from there.

EDIT: heres their website check out theor crazy pics http://www.resurrection-ad.com/bands/badluck13/
Current Mood: crazy

18th July 2004

4:17pm: I havent posted an entry in a while so im just gonna post one cause im wicked bored. I Got back from Vermont yesterday. it was pretty kool up there i went to check out this college St. Michaels and it was wicked nice the school gives the students a free ski pass to smuggs and it was raining alot which is good cause that means it snows a lot, FUCK YEA. I also went to the burton factory which is like 20 miles from the school so thats fuckin kool. on monday i was drinking at my friends house and he shaved my head(cause i asked him to) cause i wanted to earlier when i was sober but since he was drunk he thought i t would be funny if he trimmed my eyebrows too. im going to oregon in about 12 days. i cant wait its gonna be fuckin awesome. i want to go to philly soon too and i can party hard like in Jersey/Philly.(lol)
Current Mood: bored

28th June 2004

11:21pm: fuck you
yesterday i went to see endwell at Krome in jersey. Jersey fuckin sucks even more than Queens. i got a bacon hamburger for like $3. i could have went to mcdonalds and got a kids meal and had a bigger burger than that piece of shit jersey crap for less. But endwell was good even though i hate that emo shit. i went to shannons party thing afterwords and there were a shit load of people there. i didnt drink or anything cause i didnt feel like it(surprisingly). i was wicked tired anyway so i stayed there for like 45 minutes or so and then just went home. Anyways today me and tim went to meadows today and i tried to 50-50 the down ledge and pretty much reached the end every time but i couldnt turn out before the kink, I landed it one time and fuckin busted my ass. i fuckin do it next time im there. Luckily i havent gotten a call from my school saying i have to go to summer school so that means im goin to portland to snowboard. im a little pissed off right now even though i should be happy that i an snowboard this summer at mt. hood, but i just really wanna beat the shit out of someone right now.
Current Mood: pissed off

27th June 2004

12:30pm: Yesterday I wanted to go to see leftover crack but i heard it was sold out and you had to be 18 to get in. Fuckin assholes. So instead i went to Hurley's Graduation party and i had like 7 beers and had a 40 afterwards. i won $6 in celo from hurley's brother and from some kid vin, but most of it was in change. I played poker too and only lost a quarter. so then some kid who left the party earlier wanted to fight pat kenny. so we went with like 13 kids to kick his ass at this block party and it turns out that he left cause he's a little bitch. so we stayed at the block party and i drank my 40 and i took a shit in someone's house but i dont kno whos it was. I was talking to some hot girl named chritina or someshit like that for a while then i went to take a piss and i didnt see her the rest of the night. Im goin to the endwell show today in jersey it better be fuckin good cause im missing two parties because of it.
Current Mood: sober

20th June 2004

9:35pm: Today was my grandfather's wake and i saw alot of people i hadn't seen in a wicked long time.I hate that cause everyone always tells me how they havent seen me since i was a wee' little boy and they always say how i acted and shit when i was little. Ireally just wanna be like i dont give a shit what i was like when i was little and how much ive grown. i fuckin kno what i was like when i was little. my crazy ass cousin was there and he spilt his slushy thing all over the carpet and i was laughing my ass off. Two of my aunt's childhood friends came by and they were fuckin wicked hottt!!!!!!!!! they were in like their mid to late thirties or so and i wanted to fuck the shit out of both of them(at the same time). but this weedend has been kinda weird for me. not cause my grandfather died unexpectidly but some other shit. i havent been comfortable doing anything. For example yesterday i went to some show and all i didnt really wanna do anything; dance, listen to the bands, talk to any1, or even get beer. same with friday i didnt wanna drink or anything. I dont kno ive just been tired and i guess upset but i dont really kno why. I have a pretty good idea of what it is but i dont wanna talk about it on this shit.
Current Mood: uncomfortable

18th June 2004

9:41am: Im fuckin wicked bored i have an earth science regents in about an hour and im just sitting in my fuckin room playing solitaire. I fuckin hate Queens. There's never anything to do but skate play handball or get drunk. there all wicked fun but get boring after a while. Well except skating cause no1 ever wants to go skate.it really pisses me off. Igot my new deck and shoes on wednsday. its fuckin awesome i can actually skate now that i dont have a deck that looks like a torpedo.
Current Mood: bored

16th June 2004

10:31am: shit
I just took my U.S. History Regents and eh i guess i did good. But i just found out that my mom's Step-father died last night in his sleep. I feel bad for my mom cause she was crying and shit. i didnt really like him that much he was kinda creepy lookin. but thats prob cause he was kinda old and was missing teeth and shit and maybe the fact he wasnt my real grandfather. o well i have to go to my grandma's house now but im gonna go smoke a fag first. I really wanna skate today but no1 ever wants to cause they're all wiener's.
Current Mood: blah

15th June 2004

8:12pm: So now I am a member of the LJ queer ballswho whine about shit all day. Tal set me up today with this when i went to her house to pick up The Da Vinci Code. I have a fuckin U.S. History regents, it fuckin sux i hate tests even though history is wicked awesome i dont wanna sit there for 3 hours and write 2 fuckin essays. and as you can see from my mood im kinda horney so im prob gonna have to whack it a bit after i finish this super awesomely kool live journal entry. So Saturday i went to the Emerica Skate Jam with keith, Steve, and i met colin there and tal met up with us at houston park (or whatever its fuckin called). I got really fuckin drunk at the barbeque they had after. I bought 2 40's and colin gave me his other one which he only drank up to the neck. i got a wicked kool emerica shirt and tal won a deck and some other shit but my best friend keith like an ass lost it. so we left with out her and i was really upset about that cause i thought she was yellin at me on the phone when i was callin her to tell her that we were leavin. But it was only cause i was so insanely drunk. I was kinda upset about that so since i was drunk i got wicked mad. I supposidly tried to hit some guy in the head with a 40 i got signed by andrew reynolds, Spanky and Tosh townend, but they just either keith or colin pulled me away. SO thats it but other than that drunk Alcohol is fuckin awesome!!!!!
Current Mood: horny
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